‘UNDER A STROBE LIT SKY’ | A Pioneer DJ and DJsounds production

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Music festivals of all different shapes and sizes have swept across the world, bringing rapture to people who love to dance under the sun and stars. How did this technicolour multi-sensory overload come about? Is it just about the music, or something more? How have festivals evolved and what does their future hold? ‘Under a Strobe Lit Sky’, a film from Pioneer DJ and DJsounds, searches for the answers.

Sit back and get hyped for the forthcoming season as festival stars including Eats Everything, NERVO, Orbital and the Rudimental boys reveal why they love playing outside, from the highs to the lows, the mud and why these special shows can be so important to their careers.

Among many other industry hotshots, the minds behind elrow, Snowbombing, Love International, Lost Village, BPM, Further Future, Amsterdam Dance Event, plus Michael and Emily Eavis from the iconic Glastonbury Festival divulge just how much effort goes into putting on an event, from line-ups to production.

Don’t blame us if you start booking your tickets before the film ends.
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