✪ If Modern Sonic was in Sonic Mania ✪

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Ok so here is my 5th attempt at sprite animation ever and this time it's about if Modern Sonic was in
the world of Sonic Mania (Angel Island and other locations). Since All of the sprites were already made,
far less time was spent making this animation than the Sonic Mania Adventures sprite animation. Also there is a guest appearance by Shadow who did a lot better here than his bout in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive part 2.

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=== Credits ===
✪ Big the Cat and Froggy (By MotorRoach)
✪ Modern Sonic v2.0 sprites (Hortinus & MotorRoach)

=== Follow me on Social Media ===
✪ https://twitter.com/hortinus
✪ https://www.youtube.com/channel/hortinus

=== Softwares ===
✪ Adobe Animate
✪ Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
✪ Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
✪ Sonic Mania v1.05.0713
Rise of angels прохождение

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