09 - Ángel [Niru Kajitsu Remix] (feat. flower) - (English Sub)

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I don't not claim to own the music in the video and I do not make money off this video.
(I'm aware that this is a reprint without permission and if I have to take it down then I will, just know I only wanted to have this music easily available for others who can't get their hands on it)

Translation: Releska & Otori0

uh let me explain, I had a hard time subbing this one song in particular and so I kinda used 2 different translations as reference. I'm sorry if the lyrics aren't that accurate but I this was hard to do. Also at 1:26 the "2, 2, 3" was not a mistake on my part. I heard "ni ni san" (2, 2, 3), not "ichi ni san" (1, 2, 3). I could be wrong though. I really tried my best for this in general so again sorry if I did bad.

Track: 9
Name: "Ángel [Niru Kajitsu Remix]"
Kairiki Bear's Encore Album / Venomer

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