10 Interesting Kids activities at home by Geddam Angels

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Hi Viewers,
Our Geddam Angels do a lot of funny, naughty and few useful things at home

Among all of them we penciled downed and shortlisted 10 interesting activities at home and they are as
1. Paper Glass game.
2. Cleaning thier own mess.
3. Cooking - Here dont go for traditional ones .try to choose their favourite one. It keeps thier interest at high level.
4. Gardening - Let them love nature as Nature gives back whatever we give to it.
5. Dancing - Here also dont go for your favourites. Let them choose.
6. House hold Chores - Try to make it simple. Initially start with simple ones then they only will climb up the ladder.
7. Story Telling - What ever you teach your kids that is what they become. Try to tell some moral stories. Don't go for the scary ones.
8. Mahendi - We have a tree in our backyard .. It is very good for health. actually it absorbs all body heat.
9. Painting - Improves Creativity ( try to give them a task)
10. Hide and Seek - Evergreen play ( Even as parents we also played in our childhood)

This Video is made for kids and parents as well. Try to comment if you got some better ideas.
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