"Almost Persuaded" Projection Ready Hymns

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#321-"Almost Persuaded" for Small Churches, Small Groups, Fellowships. Projection ready hymns designed for small churches. Check out the entire playlist of hymns at Hymn Blessings

Lyrics: "Almost Persuaded"

Almost persuaded, now to believe
Almost persuaded, Christ to receive
Seems now some soul will say

Go Spirit go Thy way
Some more convenient day
On Thee I'll call

Almost persuaded come come today
Almost persuaded, turn not away
Jesus invites you here

Angels are lingering near
Prayers rise from hearts so dear
O wanderer come

Almost persuaded. harvest is past
Almost persuaded, doom comes at last
Almost cannot avail

Almost is but to fail
Sad, sad that bitter wail
Almost but lost
Rise of angels обзор

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