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What is the Dash Takeover? #CatchTheWave

These social distancing guidelines had us down thinking about all of the women we’d be missing this May. But God came through with a word, Phone A Friend to hear from an incredible lineup of women curated to inspire you & give you HOPE!
For the women who dare to be entrepreneurs, mothers, fashion gurus, and more even in the midst of a pandemic: This is for you! Grab your notebooks, pens, blankets, let folks in your house know that you’ll be at The DASH Takeover!

You can also follow these pages on IG to keep up with all things DASH:

Pastor Mona | @QueenBMona

The Dash International Conference | @TheDashConference

Rise Women | @therisewoman

To sow a seed towards the Rise House search “RISE” on Givelify
or visit

Click our website for more information!

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