♡꧁Angels꧂♡ ????????????GLMV???????????? {WARNING! FLASHLIGHTS!!!}

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Hello oreoz!???? My name is Lapis. I hope you enjoy on my channel ^^ ????
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????Social Networks:

༄ YouTube channel:
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༄ Discord: Lapis Paw#6619
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༄ Spotify: Lapis Paw
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☪Apps used:

????Editors - KineMasterPro, Alight Motion Pro, Cute CUT Pro, ibisPaint X, GachaLife


⏱️Time taken: 2 hours
????Screenshots: 134


????Song used:

Angels - Vicetone (feat. Kat Nestel)


꧁About me꧂

My real name: Anastasia (Nastya)
Age: I'll tell on 1000 subs
Living: Russia


Thanks you guys so much for 700+ subs, we are so close to 1k ^^
We reached 80 000 views, it's really big number! Thank you~~???????????? (•̀ᴗ•́)و


Got any questions or wanna chat me?
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See ya in the next video! ^^????????

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