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It's never over until someone's gone up in smoke...
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Planetary Annihilation Titans is the new expansion pack for PA which includes the base game while adding a host of new features, units, terrain and more. There are 21 new units with 5 colossal titans which will bring devastation to your enemies. Naturally this game will continue to be supported and updated as time goes on.
Planetary Annihilation is a brand new and innovative Real-time Strategy (RTS) game created by Uber Entertainment following a very successful kick-starter campaign, raising over $2 million of a $900,000 goal with over 44,000 backers. The folks working on the game are seasoned veterans having worked on games such as Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation!
Gone are the days of playing on a flat map, now you have to think about all 360 degrees of offence and defence while you amass several thousand units on expansive battlefields in diverse solar systems (with no unit caps). You can fight on land with vehicles, tanks and bots, in the skies with huge squadrons of aircraft, in the oceans with your large fleets of battleships or even work your way up to artillery and nuclear weaponry.
There is even orbital combat where you can lift off planet, fight in the atmosphere above your planet to gain control and build interesting armaments or even fly across the system to other planets, moons and asteroids to expand your empire and annihilation your opponent.
If you ever find that your opponent's base is a tough nut to crack; move off planet, build engines on a moon or asteroid and hurl it to crash into their base, sending both the planet and your opponent into oblivion!
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Aftermath - A New Generation
Rick Horrocks (Collection 2)
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