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Hey All Wolf Lord Rho here!
*Apologies if the audio quality is a little lower than normal. The Mrs working from home has caused some issues!*

Today we discuss the mysterious goings on, within the inner workings of the Adeptus Mechanicus!

The events we are discussing today are from the free short story "Cargo Bay Ceti-78" by Dirk Wehner. And this is a FREE short story on the Warhammer Community website. As part of the Psychic Awakening campaign. As always I really recommend you read the story for yourself first. As that's the best way to enjoy the lore! Link:

I do not currently have Patreon. However if you wish to support the channel or would like to send me a gift as some have asked, then sending a virtual gift voucher to WolfLordRho@ using the link below will help towards the channel. But please include your name in the notes so I can thank you.

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