Bowling For Soup - "When The Angels Sing" - Social Distortion Cover

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July 2019, we began trying to release a cover song each month. That became a more difficult task than we imagined, due mostly to having the time AFTER recording the songs to properly get them released.
Anyhoo, we have each picked songs at this for this one goes to Chris, but there is no denying our shared love for the band Social Distortion!

“Social can you REALLY say about a band that pretty much sets itself apart from every other band and genre in the world. Little bit o’ bit o’ tough as hell!! Mike Ness is the epitome of “cool,” and his songs sincerely never does HE for that matter. Anytime you cover a song from musical royalty, you take a chance. But we took a stab at “When the Angels Sing,” and I think we did it justice” - Jaret Reddick

Produced by Linus of Hollywood and Jaret Reddick (Jarinus)
Mixed by Linus of Hollywood
Recorded at Panhandle House Studios (Denton, TX), The Daycare (Prosper, TX) and The Tackle Box (Hollywood, CA)

Lyric Video by:
Jahanara Begum
Lyric Video Production House
Rise of angels обзор

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