Brawl at the Bar (Bionicle Battles Collab Entry)

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After a long day at work, many of the MOCs just want to spend some time at "The Dancing Rahi". That being said, their rest will soon be interrupted...

Credit to ManiaMac for the idea behind this fight.

ManiaMac's Collab:

Avatar Images by fantasyfinder:

Voices by:
Leena Valtapaz:

Music Used:
"Behind the Mask (Instrumental)"- Persona 5
"Rivers in the Desert"- Persona 5

Green Screen Effects Used:
"Green Screen Fire" by iEditHelp:
"Green screen muzzle flash pack (Action Essentials 2)" by Sternhouse Films:
"Green Screen bullet impacts and sparks" by Thanks for Watching:
"Laser blaster Star wars effect After effects hd 2017" by CINE 24 VFX:
"Green Screen Sparks Effects" by Thanks for Watching:
"Fire Blast Green Screen Chroma Key [HD] (With Download Link)" by Cyber Surfers:
"Explosion croma key green screen" by Oier Lauzirika:
"Green screen thanos portal effect" by vfx buddy:
"Green Screen Kamehameha Effect" by Green Screen Magic:
"falling debris - green screen effect" by bestofgreenscreen:

All audio, visuals, and effects belong to their respective users.
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