Breaking Down the Anisotropy Maps

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Real Physics Talk, Munich, Germany, 2019: Pierre-Marie Robitaille

Have Astronomers Assigned a Signal Produced by the Oceans to the Cosmos? - Sophia, Bulgaria

The Cosmic Microwave Background | EU2014

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Robert D. Klauber, Student Friendly Guide to the Cosmic Microwave Background, May 15, 2019.

Lamarre, et al., Planck-HFI,its Calibration and its connexions with HSO calibrations
(accessed on 5/29/2020)
(see slide 35)

Thank you for viewing this video on Sky Scholar! This channel is dedicated to new ideas about the nature of the sun, the stars, thermodynamics, and the microwave background. We will discuss all things astronomy, physics, chemistry, and imaging related! We hope that the combination of facts and special effects will aid in learning even the toughest concepts in astronomy. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe.

Pierre-Marie Robitaille, , was a professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University from 1989-2019, and also held an appointment in the Chemical Physics Program. In 1998, he led the design and assembly of the world’s first Ultra High Field MRI System. Readings from this equipment brought into question fundamental aspects of modern thermal physics, such as Kirchhoff’s Law of thermal emission.

Figures not to scale and used for visualization purposes only.

This channel is educational in nature.

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