Can THE TERMINATOR Beat a Tank? | DESERT KILL gameplay (Action-roguelite early access game)

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Desert Kill gameplay! We play Terminator in this roguelite action game full of crazy vehicles, big explosions and tank bosses!
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We take on a difficult new roguelite shooty game in this let's play Desert Kill gameplay review, clearing out a random zone of bad mens using vehicles and a large arsenal, depending on character.

We give two characters a whirl in the early access version, including the Terminator, who moves slowly but packed a hell of a punch with his equipment.

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Official Desert Kill gameplay info:

"DESERT KILL is a top-down roguelite action shooter where you have to destroy evil forces in the most brutal way."

Developed by: IO Games
Desert Kill release date: 17 April 2019
Formats available: PC Windows

Official site:
More on this game: #DesertKill


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Desert Kill review key received for free to allow us to make this video.
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