Christ Be Magnified - Cory Asbury (Cover)

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Christ Be Magnified

Were creation suddenly articulate
With a thousand tongues to lift one cry
Fom north to south and east to west
We'd hear 'Christ be magnified!'

Were the whole earth echoing His eminence
His name would burst from sea and sky
From rivers to the mountain tops
We'd hear 'Christ be magnified

We're singing, oh! Christ be magnified!
Just let His praise arise
Christ be magnified in me
Singing oh! Christ be magnified!
From the altar of my life
Christ be magnified in me

When every creature finds its inmost melody
And every human heart its native cry
Then in one enraptured hymn of praise
We'll sing 'Christ be magnified!'
O be lifted high, Jesus

I won't bow to idols
I'll stand strong and worship You
And if it puts me through the fire
I'll rejoice 'cause You're there too
And I won't be formed by feelings
I hold fast to what is true
If the cross brings transformation
You can hang me there with You

'Cause death is just the doorway
into resurrection life
And if I join You in Your suffering
then I'll join You when You rise
And when You return in glory
with all the angels and the saints
My heart will still be singing
my song will be the same
Rise of angels обзор

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