CK2 Game of Thrones: Ruins of Valyria #35 - Final Succession of Valyria

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Though instrumental to the rise and crowning of the Storm Kings, House Valane, descendents of Valyria and the Storm Kings themselves, remained forgotten amidst the ruins of Summerhall with no reward or glory of their own.

Determined to bring glory to his dynasty, spurned by those who owe them everything, Cameron Valane, last surviving member of Hosue Valane, sets his sights far away from his pompous and ungrateful kin.

What if the ruins of Valyria, that gave House Durrandon all of their power and lands, could also give House Valane theirs?

=== Full mod list ===

A Game of Thrones
AGOT: Storm King Overhaul
AGOT: Colonisable Valyria
AGOT: Special Buildings Submod
AGOT: Trade Routes Re-enabled
Artifact Aquistion Only
A Revolutionary Borders Mod
Artifact Search
Bigger Interface
Coloured Buttons
Decisive Battles
Four Religious Doctrines
Improved Genetics 2.0 GOT
Interface: Century Gothic
Interface: Stellaris Colours

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Copyright © Paradox Interactive AB.
As per;

"Game of Thrones" and related content rights are a licenced property of HBO.

"A Song of Ice and Fire" works and related content are Copyright © George R.R. Martin

Music from
"Getting it Done" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (


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