Crafting Thatched Roundhouses & huts (tutorial) for Tabletop RPG

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Crafting tutorial : How to craft miniature roundhouses & huts for tabletop RPG (Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder ... ) or for wargaming (Warhammmer, Saga ...)
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00:00 - Cinematic
01:19 - Introduction & Summary
02:39 - House structure & Daub Walls
05:18 - Walls of Wattle
10:38 - Damaged walls, using both techniques
11:34 - Stone Walls
12:55 - Thatched Roof
17:49 - Painting Process
22:25 - Showcase

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"Unlight" by Kevin MacLeod ()
"Borgar" by Alexander Nakarada ()
"Skye Cuillin" by Kevin MacLeod ()
"Volatile Reaction" by Kevin MacLeod ()
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Most crafting materials were picked up locally.
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