Crusader Kings 3 Gameplay And Impressions | Royal RPG Meets Grand Strategy

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Crusader Kings 3 is where RPG meets grand strategy as you take the role of a king and spread your influence across the world. Using new Crusader Kings 3 gameplay, Nate talks us through the basics and how dread and dynasty are reshaping the game.

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In this Crusader Kings 3 preview we go into the basics of the game and highlight a few Crusader Kings 3 changes that have won us over. For starters, Paradox explain their game more clearly, without sacrificing the complexity the fans demand. As a medieval story generator Nate also picks out a few Crusader Kings 3 features that deepen your role: the increased focus on dynasty and how dread gives you a new hold over your vassals. He also explains the basic idea behind Crusader Kings III gameplay in case you are entirely new.

With the game still several months away this isn’t a final Crusader Kings 3 preview, though you can read more detailed preview thoughts by looking at Nate’s written preview on the site: There he goes into more detail about his Crusader Kings 3 impressions and tells some wonderful tales of his horrible family. In the game. His real family is lovely. In Crusader Kings 3 Paradox have created this engine for emergent storytelling, where every decision you make on the global stage rocks people on a personal level, and vice versa. If like Matthew you’ll need a Crusader Kings 3 tutorial before diving in, you should still be able to follow the action.

If you enjoyed this Crusader Kings 3 gameplay and impressions video do give it a like and maybe subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun for more like it. If you are looking for other Paradox fun, why not find our about their upcoming gangster strategy Empire of Sin in our earlier video: Quite different to CK3, but we are excited for it. Thanks for watching and hopefully see you again soon.

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