Daily Pick A Card: What Energy Do You Attract?

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Hi love and welcome!
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. Here we explore the energies as they present themselves. I will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the energies in the hope they will empower you to take actions that are aligned with your best development. I sincerely hope you find these interactions with me helpful. If you are interested in a one-on-one session with me my email is in the description; I would love to work with you. Do you think this would be helpful to others? If so, share, like, and subscribe to the content and hit the bell for notifications of the daily messages—they are shared on Instagram and Facebook as well. Remember love is the key—LOVE you.

Checkout the monthly energies as they relate to the sun, moon, and rising signs of the zodiac for love, money, and health.

“Change is your partner in your creative evolution, so let it teach you the dances of the cosmos.” Pashoupoet

Cards Used:
The Fundamentals of Astrology by Heather Arielle

Remember love is the key!

Wishing you,
Success, love, and health
pashoupoet@gmail.com to book a personal reading

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