Dark Angels Vs Death Guard - The Rise Of Balthasar (Mission One: The Relic)

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The Dark Angels face off against the plague ridden Death Guard on the Feudal World of Cerberus in this Warhammer 40000 battle report!

Newly appointed Master of the Dark Angels Fifth Company, Lazarus, answers a call for aid from the Storm Wardens as he crusades against the forces of Chaos - intent on avenging the death of Balthasar.

The Death Guard of the Hollow Swarm have unleashed a deadly virus on the planet striking down the Imperial defenders and weakening the Astartes of the Storm Wardens, looking to secure a sacred site and plunder the treasure within.

Playing the Relic mission, both sides will clash as they look to achieve their objectives but who will come out on top?

Will Lazarus avenge his former Master and prove himself worthy of command or will he be struck down by the deadly contagion and weapons of the servants of Nurgle?

You'll have to tune in to find out!

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