Dark Angels Vs Death Guard - The Rise Of Lazarus (Mission Two: The Plague Ritual)

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The Dark Angels face off against the plague ridden Death Guard on the Feudal World of Cerberus in this Warhammer 40000 battle report!

After securing the relic in the previous mission, the Hollow Swarm form a Plague Triumvirate - a trio of Plague Lords, to unleash a dark ritual and turn the planet into a Plague world.

Intent on thwarting the rise of Chaos, but also seeking to prove himself in his new role as Company Master of the Fifth - Master Lazarus deploys the entire Fifth Company to respond to the enemy, supported by the Storm Wardens.

Typhus - favoured servant of Nurgle, commands the Hollow Swarm to hold the enemy back through bolter, plague and contagion - can the Sons of Caliban break through?

You'll have to tune in to find out!

Longest battle report I've made, filmed with my fiance who may be a heretic and does not enjoy the game of 40K but still helped me get this game done whilst we were self isolating due to Covid-19.

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Chur for watching.
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