Death Korps of Kreig VS Dark Angels - Warhammer 40K Batrep - 2,000pts

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This is a Glacial Geek 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report!

Everything seemed to be going well. The Dark Angels had arrived to assist the Death Korps of Kreig fighters and the Adeptus Custodes fighting against the forces of Chaos on this planet.
During the battle, though, the Sons of the Lion suddenly left the battlefield to redeploy in another sector. The Astra Militarum and the Ten Thousand were able to win the day, but they demanded answers for the sudden disappearance of the Dark Angels forces.
The Unforgiven, obviously, had no intention of answering those questions. Something that was unacceptable to the Custodes.
Will the Warriors of Caliban hold the line, or will the Death Korps dig out the answers? Watch and find out!

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