DEVIL'S HUNT PAX EAST 2019 Demo Gameplay Walkthrough

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DEVIL'S HUNT PAX EAST 2019 Demo Gameplay Walkthrough

This demo was shown at PAX EAST 2019. The game is interesting but will need some work with its animations and stuff. Look interesting enough. You can find the game's information below!


This demo was prepared specially for GDC and PAX: East 2019. Look at Desmond's skills, some of his enemies and the way he's kicking their demon butts! Keep in mind, that it's not final look of the game and work is still in progress!

The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in this third person action game. You are Desmond, the one man with demonic powers who can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict.

Release date: Q3 2019
Platforms: PC, XBOX One and PS4


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*Note - The demo gameplay was taken from

Contact Info:

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