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I’m proud to present to you my second video of my Doctor Who domino series: The 10th Doctor in 76,000 dominoes! ????

If you haven’t seen my tribute to the 9th doctor, be sure to check it out here:

Doctor Who is about the adventures of the Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey known as the Doctor and his companions from planet Earth. They travel through time and space in his ship, the ????????????
At the end of life, the Doctor can regenerate his body; in doing so, his physical appearance and personality change.
This video will take you through the history of the 10th doctor (played by David Tennant). Starting with the regeneration from the 9th to the 10th doctor, the journey leads through the second, third and fourth season (as well as the specials) of the series.

I started working on this video back in September and now I’ve finally found enough time to finish it.
For those of you that don’t know this is a screenlink, which means that each clip is created on it’s own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup ????

I hope you enjoy this project! Please share this with any Doctor Who fan you know of! Thanks for watching!

Content Explanation (in order of appearance):
Tardis Materialization / Doctor Who Logo / 9th Doctor regenerates into the 10th / Portrait of the 10th Doctor / Converse shoes and Sonic Screwdriver / DVD Season 2 / Rose Tyler / Sword fight with the Sycorax from “The Christmas Invasion“ / Werewolf from “Tooth and Claw“ / K-9 from “School Reunion“ / The Wire from “The Idiot’s Lantern“ / The devil and an Ood from “The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit“ / The fireplace with Madame de Pompadour behind it from “The Girl in the Fireplace“ / Olympic rings and torch from “Fear Her“ / Cyberman from “Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel“ / 3D-glasses and a wall between Rose and the Doctor for “Army of Ghosts & Doomsday“ / DVD Season 3 / The Racnoss from “The Runaway Bride“ / Martha Jones / A Jadoon from “Smith and Jones“ / The Globe Theatre from “The Shakespeare Code“ / The Macras and a car from “Gridlock“ / The Empire State Building from “Daleks in Manhattan & Evolution of the Daleks“ / Professor Lazarus renews himself into a younger-looking man from “The Lazarus Experiment“ / Burn with me from “42“ / Time Lord pocket watch from “Human Nature & The Family of Blood“ / Weeping Angel from “Blink“ / Toclafane, YANA and the Master from “Utopia & The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords“ / DVD Season 4 / Titanic and android angels from “Voyage of the Damned“ / Donna Noble / Adipose from “Partners in Crime“ / Volcano from “The Fires of Pompeii“ / Spiral with Oods from “Planet of the Ood“/ ATMOS logo and a Sontaran from “The Sontaran Stratagem & The Poison Sky“ / Jenny from “The Doctor’s Daughter“ / The wasp from “The Unicorn and the Wasp“ / Spoilers, Vashta Nerada Astronaut and Donna’s face on an information node from “Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead“ / The Doctor is possessed and repeats the words “Molto Bene” from “Midnight“ / Traffic sign from “Turn Left“ / Planets, the Earth and Davros from “The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End“ / DVD Specials / Tardis hot air ballon from “The Next Doctor“ / London Bus and desert from “Planet of the Dead“ / Prophecy “He will knock four times” / Infected crewman generates copious amounts of water and the Mars from “The Waters of Mars“ / Picture of Wilfred Mott and a gallifreyan person from “The End of Time“ / The 10th Doctor regenerates

???? Music ????
Upbeat Corporate by JP Bianchini
Creative Commons — Attribution Unported — CC BY
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