Drone Flies Dangerously Close to Blue Angels in Detroit America Strong Flyover

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This footage was illegally captured by drone pilot Giovanni Lucia during the Blue Angels Flyover in Detroit Michigan. This footage violates FAA rules and regulations stating that drones must not operate in reckless fashion and you must keep your distance from manned aircraft. Mr Lucia did not follow any of these rules in the making of his video. The reason why we need to handle this accordingly is due to the fact that the FAA is already cracking down on drone pilots with Remote ID which was announced toward the end of 2019.

This is exactly why the US Government wants to implement Remote Identification on all drones in the United States. We must speak up on this issue. Most of us do follow the rules and guidelines set in place by the FAA to keep the sky safe for all aircraft. Lets not let Giovanni Lucia ruin it for us all.

Below is the link to the video re-posted by Vic Moss after Mr. Lucia realized he had commited a federal crime and decided out of fear to delete his Instagram and Facebook pages instead of owning up to what he did and taking responsibility. (Just an FYI anything you post online stays online forever, so if you're going to break federal laws I wouldn't post it for everyone to see)


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