Eternity with God: What will that be like?

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Dr. Scott E. Koenigsaecker
December 18, 2011
John 1:1-14

A. The first Christmas was a statement about eternal life.
"The Word gave life to everything that was created, and His life
brought life to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the
darkness can never extinguish it."
John 1:45
"And He will reign over Israel forever; His Kingdom will never end."
Luke 1:33
"The Saviorye,
the Messiah, the Lord has
been born today in
Bethlehem, the City of David." Luke 2:11
B. It is what He promised; it is why He came.
* The Garden of Eden is where it all started.
(Genesis 1:2627)
* "For God loved the world so much that He gave His One and only
Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have
eternal life." John 3:16
A. There are 134 references to heaven in the Bible.
B. How does the Bible describe heaven?
* It is a real, glorious place. (Revelation 21:1825)
* It is a place without pain and sorrow. (Revelation 21:4)
* We will be immortal like the angels. (Luke 20:36)
* We will be completely in the presence of God.
(Revelation 21:3)
* Our faithful service in His name will be celebrated and rewarded.
(Matthew 25:21)
A. The problem with eternity is it is a long way away…
B. Christmas is about an infinite God who became a finite human being.
"For the child within here was conceived by the Holy Spirit. And she
will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus for He will save His
people from their sins."
Matthew 1:21
C. "But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to
become children of God. They are rebornnot
with physical
rebirth…but a birth that comes from God."
John 1:1213
D. Belief is:
* Faith in the facts
* Trust where we don't have facts
* Action receive Christ's invitation
E. "Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on
the realities of heaven…think about the things of heaven…."
Colossians 3:12
* We think about heaven:
* In our pain
* In our pleasures
F. Romans 10:913

This is the English transcript
today we're going to talk about eternity

and just that word the idea of the

eternity or infinity it gets our
minds racing

like the cosmologist and the

We too would

just love to

touch the hem of the universe

the edge where our universe ends and
eternity or infinity begins

the first Christmas is

very much a statement about eternity

let's look at our scripture passage this

versus four and five

John in his very poetic language

makes it clear that

Jesus is coming to this planet is a
statement about eternity

the word gave life to everything that
was created

and his life brought life to everyone

the light shines in the darkness in the
darkness can never extinguish it

God came to this planet to

illumine the reality that God loves us to

illuminate and

change our lives from the inside out he
came to illumine

our path

that leads from this life to the next

couple more passages that punctuate this
for us

Luke chapter one and he will reign over
Israel forever

his kingdom will

What? never ends

and then finally

passage we've looked at the last couple
of weeks Luke two eleven

the savior yes the messiah the Lord has
been born today and Bethlehem

the city of David

the messiah the Lord savior each of
those titles of Jesus carry with them a

a great sense of eternity

As Carol read in the

the scripture for

Our Advent lighting today he will come a

To gather us up so that we would what
spend eternity with him

eternity is what God promised us

eternity is well what

Christmas is all about

it begins really in Genesis in Genesis
chapter two

the Bible reminds us that

human beings were created in the image
of God

and that

image of God was set in a perfect
environment in the garden of Eden

that we were

created in the image of God well we're
stamped with that reality that's

what makes us

different then well everything else that
was created

and despite the popular

movie the rise of the planet of the

the smartest chimpanzees are they'll
never be a creature

created in the image of God

we were created in the image of God
because it was God's desire that we

spend our existence with him

that were special in that

and because we're

created in the image of God that's a
promise that God makes to us

that even

the failure of our sin

Removing us from the garden of Eden cannot

it is what God promised

in the Christmas

Reality isn't it?

Look at John three sixteen

here John kind of sums up what he's been
talking about

in the coming of Jesus to our planet

he said for God so loved the world

that he gave his one and only son that
everyone who believes in him well not

perish but have what

eternal life everlasting life

it was his purpose

it was his mission

it's what God promised

and God made good on his promises by
coming personally so that

we can believe in him and we can have
eternal life

eternal life I wonder what eternal life is
going to

be like

some would say that no one really knows
what heaven or eternity is going to be

Like like a one mother who

eight-year-old son was busy

drawing at the table one Christmas

the mother asked him

what are you doing

he says I'm drawing a picture

of heaven of eternity

she said well nobody really knows
what heaven or eternity is going to be


The little boy declared they will when
I finish

see the Bible does detail for us

some very important things about what
eternity what heaven is really going to

be like

there are a hundred and thirty four
different references in the Bible to


five key passages

point out that number one heaven is going
to be a of very glorious place

a wonderful place to be

simply take all the wonderful things in
life and


put them end to end

Christmastime there's very great
Meaning great experience great joy

great celebration just take that
experience and multiply it to the

Enth degree

and now we're getting pretty close to

Eternity is going to be like how glorious
that will be

Revelation twenty one also says that

a place where there is no more pain

and no more suffering

and we'll take that won't we?

If we're going to have a heavenly experience
it can't have pain and suffering

we've got plenty of that now

and we can imagine

Can't we for a moment just imagine a place
where there isn't any pain or suffering

no more tears no more stress anxiety

I want to go there

the Bible says in Luke

that we will have

bodies that are immortal will be like
the angels

and we get to hear a little bit about
the angels as we

moved through the Bible even in the
Christmas story

they obviously spoke so that

the shepherds understood them

they too are special not created in the
image of God though

and they have these

heavenly bodies

so will we

heaven is a place where we're

perfectly in the presence of God

Christmastime is one of those
experiences where we

feel more maybe in the presence of God
then other times during the year

we come to worship and we feel a
connection I was at a party yesterday


this is how a man who spoke to me described

his relationship with God he said I feel
a connection between my soul and the

soul of God

my spirit and the spirit of God

and when we come to worship we feel
that connection

we feel that presences with God and we
think to ourselves wow if we could


have that all the time wouldn't that be

that's what heaven is like

it's feeling that special connection
with Christ that we feel in worship

all the time

and finally the Bible says

heaven is the place where your service
will be celebrated and rewarded

God is equiping us and calling us

do things in his name in his honor

and we often want to think well we're just
doing that and God's not really paying

attention oh yes He is

he's cheering us on and when we get to
heaven he will celebrate our service

And reward us for

the service that we've done in his name

while we were here on this planet

yeah heavens going to be a great party
on our behalf

a great celebration

and when we get this picture of heaven

our thought is

who wouldn't want to go there

who wouldn't want to enjoy all of that

eternity creates a little bit of a
dilemma though we're

here how do we get there

and as we think of eternity and infinity

we clearly have this

feeling that well

eternity is a long ways away

that's a long ways away experientially

seems to be a long ways away spiritually

We intrinsically understand that
there is a separation between us

and eternity

Christmas is about

God an infinite God

becoming finite a human being

and the reason God did that is he
realized that

we have a yearning for eternity
a yearning to be with him yet

we cannot

bridge the gap between us and him we
don't need to have a

a PHD in philosophy to understand
that God is a big

and we are small

because we're small so to speak we can
get to God who is big infinite

but we can understand that a big God can
choose to become small

and that's what God chose to do

a Christmas time

the scriptures detail that for us

quite well in Matthew chapter one

for the child within her was conceived
by the Holy Spirit

and she will have a son and you are to
name him Jesus

for he will save his people from their

we yearn for eternity we yearn for a
relationship with God but

what has created

the distance the gap between us

an eternity is our sin

our sinfulness is what keeps us from

and it isn't as though we haven't tried
to get to God

In fact that's why we have so many world
religions because everybody's trying to

get to God be in relationship
with God connect with God

yet because of sin all that human
effort falls short

we're too small

We're to imperfect were sinners and we
Can't bridge the gap

to this infinite holy God

and God knows our yearning God knows
that he placed that yearning within


when we were created in his image and so
he came personally

to save us from our sins

this child in a cave will become a man

on a cross

and in his death in his forgiveness

in his resurrection we have

and God

at Christmas does for us what we cannot
do for ourselves but if we could we


The problem is that we can't

we cannot bring the new


that is required for us to live in

John states it this way

but to all who believe Him and accepted

he gave the right to become children of

they are reborn not with physical

but a birth that comes from God it's a
spiritual rebirth

and isn't that what it's going to take
for these

physical bodies to get to eternity
it's going to

take a change

And that change the Bible calls that a
spiritual rebirth

because yes and thank God these moral
bodies will stay behind

you will be much more angelic when you
get to heaven

and we will be transformed

We're transform because we experience
this new life this rebirth on the inside

and notice what that rebirth is
triggered by belief

in Jesus Christ

and belief isn't all that hard to
understand I don't think

number one it's faith in the facts

and there's plenty of facts for us to

in fact Rick's going to

teach a class after the first of the
year about the facts of the Bible the

authority of the Bible

and it doesn't matter whether it's the
Bible or Jesus Christ

or God

There are good answers to our good
questions in fact there are great

answers to are great questions

and God wants the answer the questions of
our mind heart and soul

so that we can spend eternity

with him

now the truth is we don't know the
facts about

anything really are not all the facts do

it begins with whether the alarm is going
to go off in the morning

when I first started preaching

I put two clocks out

every morning

when I a battery just to make sure I got

you go to bed you flip the
switch and you have faith that it's

going to wake up in the morning

and then you move from one faith experience
to another

you know I set the coffee pot up
you know I got to have my coffee in the


And by faith I put the grounds in the
little container and the water and set it

but have you ever gotten up

you know you set your automatic coffee
maker he got the next morning and there

wasn't any coffee in there

and then we go downstairs and we get our

we have to have a little faith it's
going to start

have you ever see try to start your car
and it didn't start yeah

then we got to go to the first corner
there's a stop sign their my house and

then I have to put my brakes on

ever have your brakes not work

it takes a lot of faith

Just to get to church on Sunday

Yeah it does it takes a lot of faith to live
In this world

and if we said to ourselves I have to
know every single fact we wouldn't be

able to live

because all of us exercise a step of

many times throughout the day

that's all Christ is asking of us

is a step of faith a trust

we can't let the lack of facts

keep us from action and life and that's
true in faith as well

faith in the facts trust for we don't have
the facts

and then we must act we must believe

we must receive

and when we

exercise our volitional will and take a
step of faith

God confirms in us that he started
something in our life on the inside

Listen to Colossians

Since you have been raised to new life with

set your sights on the realities of

think about things of heaven and you
know we do

I think it's our thinking about heaven
that actually leads us to belief

and I think we think about heaven in
two experiences of life number one is the


when were suffering pain I think we
think about heaven

we think about

a moment or a time or a place where we
wouldn't have to experience that pain

and it doesn't matter whether that's
physical pain or emotional pain

in the amount of pain we can think of
what we can imagine a state

where we will not or would not have to
experience that pain

isn't that what heaven is all about no
pain no suffering no crime

and I think the other sign post

that we think about heaven

is in our pleasure

a lot will happen this Christmas season
and add to create the right environment

the right emotion

and when we experience that great
emotion we say to ourselves off I could

just freeze frame this moments

this great experience and just relive it
over and over and over again

what we're really saying is we're
looking for eternity

we really want to be in heaven because
that's that pleasurable

experience all the time

that is the place

where the pain and suffering

and the tears are no more

We do think about heaven

and as we think about heaven

that enacts our belief and as we

that faith that believing

God confirms that to us through the
Holy Spirit

in the new life that is ours to enjoy

and to share

I want to close by


the great apostle Paul Romans ten

Nine through thirteen

he kind of puts it all together for us

he writes if you confess with your mouth
that Jesus is Lord

and you believe in your heart that God
raised him from the dead you will be


For it is by believing in your
heart that you are made right with God

notice it doesn't say by

attending church every Sunday

reading your Bible everyday

getting rid of your bad habits or serving
all the time noticed that's not what

Paul says

he says it's by believing and that's
something we can all do that's something

we all do

in our life

is believe

for it is by believing in your heart
that your made right with God and it is

by the confessing with your mouth that
you are saved

as the scriptures tell us anyone who
trusts in him everyone who calls up on


the name of the Lord they will be saved

that's why Jesus Christ came to this

he came to this planet

to bridge the gap between

Us and eternity

he came to this planet to make good on
His promise when he

made us in his image

and who wouldn't want to spend eternity
with God

it is his great Christmas gift

to each and everyone of us it is God's
expression of love

so that as we believe in him we will not

but we will have

everlasting eternal life with him

let's pray

Lord we are people who want to pray to

and ask that you would

help us in our unbelief

for Lord we

we desire to connect with you we desire
to spend eternity with you

and Lord we

we understand that that means believing
in you confessing you trusting you

asking you to be the leader of our life

and Lord as we

we ask you to lead our life Lord we know
that you're doing a

new spiritual rebirth inside of us

and Lord allow it to grow and mature in
that birth

confirming over and over again the
reality that you are our Lord and that you

have a full life and an everlasting life
in store for us

and Lord we are thankful for this

Christmas season all the ways that we're

about the truth

and the reality

your promise confirmed

that your desire is that we would be
your children

and that we would be a part of your
family not only now but for all eternity

Lord thank you for being that special
Christmas gift to all of us

and so we pray these things in your name Amen
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