Full Moonrise Griffiths Observatory Los Angeles

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Last night was full moon, and my birthday, so to celebrate I planned a trip to shoot the moon rising over Griffith Observatory in LA. There were so many logistical challenges to make this happen, and only a matter of minutes to get it right. I had no idea if it would work out, but it was incredible!

Oh, and did I mention my camera (Sony A7II) died after the last scene of this video? Literally minutes after the moon rose it completely stopped working.

I shot this from a ridge almost a mile away from the observatory with a 600mm zoom lens pointed back towards Griffith. The Photographer's Ephemeris app helped us find the right spot to wait since it shows where the sun/moon will rise/set at a specific time.

Thanks to Joe for helping me scout out the right ridge an hour before moonrise, Gabe for paying attention to the horizon and alerting us to the moon at the last minute, Kurtis and Jimmy for coming along, and the Creator for putting on the show. Finally, thanks to the moms () for taking care of the kids while we took off for the evening.

It was an incredible way to start out a new year of my life.
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