Giant Incredibles Game in Real Life to Save Game Master! | Rebecca Zamolo

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Rebecca Zamolo tried buying a restaurant and giving away free food for 24 hours and it ended in an emotional surprise. Matt and Rebecca saved the game master by letting our house controls our lives for 24 and it turned into a blindfolded battle royale. The real game master competed in the death straw challenge to rescue Daniel with a lie detector test in real life. Rebecca Zamolo and the game master network became Incredibles in real life after the incredi-gem broke. Rebecca and Matt split up because Matt was hypnotized by Mr. X. Rebecca uses her twin telepathy to see visions of RZ twin with Daniel and we aren’t sure if we can trust him. The red gem pulls Rebecca and Maddie along with Daniel into their backyard tunnel and to the lake of secrets. The best friends get trapped and try to destroy the gem but it shatters onto them. Maddie blocks the shining with a force field and we realize we have superhero powers. Daniel has the super powers of Dash and runs fast while sneaking hot sauce into Matt’s mouth. Al transforms the gems into Incredibles costumes and we become spies in disguise. Rebecca tries her Elastigirl superhero power by stretching with Daniel and Matt pulling her arms across the living room. The four friends spy on a secret meeting and decide to trapped. They must take turns sneaking into the dollhouse to find the game master devices. It turns into a backyard battle royale and the shining uses our weaknesses to try to defeat us. Daniel must push the button to deactivate the clones but this means he must say goodbye to RZ twin. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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