GTA San Andreas - Mission #65 - N.O.E.

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So obviously I was hoping to go straight from the last mission to the next one the following day which is now 3 days ago but turns out after completing that mission, I unlocked the race tournaments to do for more game progression so I went ahead & got them out of the way. 4 tournaments in all and got a $1,000,000 bonus once I finished all 4 plus the $10,000 I was making per race which explains why I'm now up to over $3.4 million. Also unlocked the abandoned airstrip to buy as a property which is necessary to continue on with the main missions which costs $80,000 to buy. Had to do the flying school before I could continue with the missions so I did that off camera as it's considered a side mission along with the driving school from a bit earlier in the game. I don't do videos on side missions, just the main ones. So now here's our first mission in the desert, the badlands part didn't last very long apparently as there were only 3 missions there from Toreno's cabin. But I'm happy to be in the desert now, this is probably my most favorite set of missions in the game as some awesome content is unlocked here. We are however still doing missions for Toreno for right now, we just moved our base of operations I guess.

Anyway for this one, your gonna put what you learned from the flight school to the test as you have to fly a plane to the other side of the map over to Angel Pine in the countryside & fly through a corona to trigger some drop & fly back to the airstrip without crashing the plane which isn't the easiest thing in the world as the plane is very twitchy and you have to fly close to the ground to stay off the radar. Toreno is being watched by a number of high profile spies & agents which is why he can't do it which is why you have to. If you fly too high, the visibility bar will rise and if it does so completely, you'll fail the mission. And if that wasn't bad enough, your on a 10 minute timer to get the job done but that shouldn't be a problem. Do what I did here by flying around the edge of the map just over the water most of the way & you can finish the whole thing in less than 5 mins. It is somewhat troublesome at night though as shown here as it can be hard to tell how close you are to the water due to how dark it is. Make it back to the airstrip alive & on time and you'll complete the mission & get another $15,000 payout.
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