GTArcade LoA 3 : Ch. 31 Dark Forest Elite Final Stage - Windy Badlands 3 Star Manual

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As you Reach Lvl 195, the Last Main Quest Story Line opens up Ch. 31 Dark Forest - Grove. My formation was able to Auto-Arma Skill through Elite Stages until last one. Changing Arma Glory of Freeman to Ode of Yesterday, I complete my Adventure in journey through League of Angels 3, by finalizing the last Elite Stage 3 STARS! Enjoy! :)
Battle Rating : 5.189 Million
Formation : Rei/Gloria/Hope
***May Glory be the Next Chapter, when more Story to Come!!!!***
Must Obtain Level 201, current Cap Level is 200. *\\{The End}//*
November 2018 - April 19, 2019 Level 1 to 195, Main Quest Complete
Rise of angels прохождение

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