How to play Death Guard in 9th edition - Tips from 40k Playtesters

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Learn the new tricks and tactics you will need to play Death Guard in 9th edition from a team that has been playtesting the game for months. We take you through all the biggest nerfs and buffs to the Death Guard army along with the core strategies and thoughts on list creation.

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0:00 - Intro
2:07 - Great durable obsec
2:40 - Playing from the midboard is stronger
3:26 - No need to get kills
3:56 - Improved shooting with vehicles
4:44 - CP to overwatch
5:20 - More CP
6:35 - Strategic reserve anything
7:40 - Fight first, even if charged
9:52 - Harder to hide within terrain
11:07 - Max +1 to wound
11:50 - Objectives are more spaced out
12:54 - Touching enemy vehicles is less effective
14:02 - Souping costs CP
14:43 - Character targeting is easier
15:35 - Blunting charges
19:00 - Using new LoS rules
23:18 - Poxmongers list
26:40 - Mortarion's Chosen Sons list
28:48 - Closing thoughts


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