HYDRO DIPPING Stephen Sharer YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON !!!($10,000 Challenge)

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In Grace Sharer last vlog “BAD NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT for STEPHEN SHARER (Biggest Secret Reveled about Mystery Neighbor)” you saw Grace Sharer and her almost twin brother Stephen Sharer and their best friend BFF John had finally built up the courage to tell her OLDER BROTHER almost TWIN BROTHER her ULTIMATE FINAL SECRET REVEAL. Grace is very nervous because this is her BIGGEST SECRET she has ever not told Stephen and so to prepare to BREAKING THE BAD NEWS TO STEPHEN SHARER, Grace does a series of challenges like $10000 DOLLAR SHARER FAM MONEY PRIZE CHALLENGES except rather than WINNER GETS $10,000, here if Grace wins she will hopefully get to tell Stephen her secret without him getting mad. First Grace wakes up super early even before Stephen so she can catch him on his way out to do his morning run like exercise spy ninja training. Next Grace tries to go on a run with Stephen but Stephen is way to fast and leaves Grace behind! Since this plan didnt work, Grace needs to think of another MASTERMIND PLAN that will allow her to tell Stephen her huge secret! The next idea Grace has is to try using a glass of water to distract Stephen from his run so while he is re hydrating, Grace can tell him her secret, the only problem is that Stephen takes a sip of water and keeps running leaving Grace behind again! The last step Grace tries is to just grab Stephen while he’s running so that way he HAS to stop except even this doesn’t work because Stephen just continues to run! After all of these different steps like challenges didn’t work, Grace tries her last LIFE HACK and makes Stephen breakfast so once he is done with his run, he will sit down so Grace can talk to him. You won’t believe what happens next when Grace sits down next to Stephen while Stephen is eating breakfast and Grace finally BREAKS THE BAD NEWS TO STEPHEN SHARER ABOUT THE BRAND NEW TIME MACHINE COMPUTER GADGET!! Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace is on a mission to Hydrodipping Spy Gadgets similar to HYDRODIPPING NERF BLASTERS and HYDRODIPPING NIKE Air Force 1 SHOES and HYDRODIPPING YEEZYs. Grace and Momma Sharer each take turns to see who can win this $10000 DOLLAR MONEY PRIZE CHALLENGE to training to win ULTIMATE PRIZE MACHINE REWARD! Grace and Momma Sharer will be HYDRODIPPING SHOES, $10,000 STACK OF MONEY, AND I HYDRODIPPED MY YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON (GOLD DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON REVEAL). GRACE SHARER AND MOMMA SHARER ROCK PAPER SCISSORS CHALLENGE to see who is the FIRST to HYDRODIP CHALLENGE and WIN $10,000 ULTIMATE PRIZE. The first item Grace Hydrodips is a pair of BRAND NEW CROCS SHOES TIE DYE RAINBOW. Next up Momma Sharer HYDRODIPPED SUNGLASSES which turn out to be the worlds coolest sunglasses. While Grace and Momma Sharer don’t have to worry about the MASKED PERSON PINK AND GREEN MASK MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER KAREN AND ELLEN who are after the TIME MACHINE SPY NINJA GADGET they begin dipping the next object in this TESTING VIRAL TIKTOK LIFE HACKS HYDRODIP EDITION. After TESTING HYDRODIPPED SHOES AND SPY GADGETS, Grace and Momma Sharer move on to other trendy object before trying to test to see if they can HYDRODIPPING YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WHEN THE PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON STEALS THE YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON RIGHT FROM UNDER THEIR NOSE!

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