Islamic State Fighting ASSAD Syrian Army & Jihadi groups Attack Russian Military Update May 2019

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Islamic State leader AL Baghdadi Alive in Video praises SRI Lanka attack calls 4 Jihad Worldwide

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Trump supported General Khalifa Haftar fighting to take Tripoli Libya from UN April 2019 News

Trump calls Libya Military General Hifterr to seize Tripoli controlled by United Nations April 2019

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USA Soldier fighting ISLAMIC STATE dies non combat of Gun Shot wound in Syria Update May 2019 News

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Trump to designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization update May 2019 News

Trump to designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization Breaking News Update May 2019


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ISLAMIC State Caliphate moves Capital to Afghanistan Jihadi War with Taliban April 2019

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Trump deploys 2 carrier strike groups to Mediterranean Sea as Putin Russia & Kim North Korea Meet

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40 days Jesus on Earth after resurrection Jesus reveals HE is alive

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End Times News Update

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Rise of angels gameplay

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