Let's Play Crusader Kings III: The Mighty Breeder #1

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Preview code and early access was provided by Paradox Interactive - Many thanks!
Look at that face. Those hands. So smooth to the touch. NOW IN 3D!

Really missed a trick not calling it "Crusader Kings 3-D" huh Paradox, I guess this is why I make the big bucks and you guys are a small indie dev that barely anyone has heard of.

I'm sorry?
The Metascore for this game is

Oh. I mean.

Mighty Paradox, his arms wide! Truly, a great studio (maybe the greatest) I am blessed to be in your presence and hear the soothing timbre of your voice. You have ascended from the dung of mortality, and now walk among the stars! Give your bodies to Paradox, my friends.
And even your wallets.

Warning, the next line contains shilling. Ignore if you're easily offended and it's past your bedtime:
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Please, mother, it's so cold. I can't feel my fingers mother. When will Father be home from the shops? Will he bring mods? Mother? Mother please wake up.

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