LET'S PLAY: Green Hell Part 8 - chocoTaco and Reid Green Hell Gameplay

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We know that things have to get worse before they can get better, and things have pretty much done nothing BUT get worse for our heroes since they started this play through. But it's possible that in this segment things start to go okay for the chocolate tacolate and Reid. I mean, choco actually builds the hekkin' wall and even gets started on another. Also does it drive anyone else crazy that choco doesn't pick up things like rope and nests as he encounters them while looking for other things? Just me? Okay. #chocoTaco #GreenHell #ReidLikesGames

You can watch the full Green Hell gameplay on the VOD here: , or see choco stream LIVE at . You can go support Reid's YouTube channel here: , or check out his Twitch stream at

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