Marvel's Avengers Game | Gameplay Demo 2020 PS4 Confirmed?! | Leaked Characters

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Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Demo 2020 PS4. What's up guys? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Marvel's Avengers. And I just gotta say that things seem to be on the up & up for this title. For the past few weeks more things have started to be revealed regarding this game. We've gotten information via 1 of the developers on how the the combat will work for each Avengers member. And Square's even updated the official Marvel's Avengers website and it looks great. It looks like a site that's ready to start pumping out more updates for this game. And with Square Enix's most recent title outta the way, they may just be ready to reveal more. So we're gonna talk about those potential upates today. But moving on I wanted to talk about our next topic which is the high probability that we may be receiving a Beta for Marvel's Avengers this month. It's been rumored that the demo will release on the 15th of the month which is ironic because that was the original release date for the game. We've been left in the dark on when Square Enix is gonna give us a hands-on experience of the game via a dameo. And we're hoping that it's something that isn't the A-Day mission because it's become a running joke at this point. We've seen through leaks that for whatever reason stayed up for months because Square Enix didn't even try to flag them down. And then we got 2 official reveals of the demo in the form of a 20 minute demonstration and a short trailer. Til this day they still continue to show off certain clips from the A-Day mission and the only thing we can take away from it is that they've made minor improvements to the character designs. And while that's a commendable thing, it's not something that's gonna keep us enthused while we wait for more details.

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