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Welcome back to the Artificial DM! Today we have My First Evil Character & The Spazz - Part 2! This tail is a VERY long story, so thanks to Zflocco for being willing to work with me on the first part: It's a tale of a Text Based RPG and OP's interactions with a colorful cast- but the main portion of the story is a That Guy RPG Horror Story. OP is also the same one who experienced The IRL Thief!

Once again, please be sure to check out Part One over at @Zflocco! He covers a lot of RPG Horror Stories as well, and I believe his channel is worth checking out.

0:00 Go to Zflocco's Part 1
0:25 Start of the story
18:00 Epilogue and Civil War
31:27 OP's Finishing Remarks
34:42 Artificial's Outro

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