Natchet Taylor "Of All of the Angels" Acoustic Performance

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New music FRIDAY!!! Nowherebound recently shot a live show and premiered it Friday, April 3, 2020, showcasing some acoustic performances by Natch, Klinck, and Clint. This is a tune that didn't make the final cut on the main video but I am proud to share it here first. "Of All of the Angels" is an old one of mine. I hope that you enjoy it.

You can catch the full Nowherebound live set here:

Of All of the Angels Lyrics:

Oh, to write out in verse, when the time’s they got worse,
And the bottoms of bottles filled my lonely eyes.
In the embrace of this cell, in the face of this hell,
Your light it did shine down and bid me to rise.

Of all of the angels who look down on me,
Who walk with me where I may roam.
What could you possibly see in a devil like me,
To make me feel safe and to make me a home?

Drink to fight off this curse but the whiskey did worse,
And the devil inside filled my heart with pride.
Then aloft on light wings, with soft-spoken things,
You showed me a love that once was denied.

Whether times were bad, the good times be had,
When life throws up walls to break through,
And as the angels go, the devils I know,
I know I will always love you.

Whole once was torn, returned what was mourned.
Not one more tear did fall to salty the ground.
And my skies up above, bled blue from your love.
To your heart and mine, we’ll always be bound.

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