Navy's Blue Angels Conduct Flypast Over Dallas, Houston to Honor Texas First Responders

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The Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, better known as the Blue Angels, honored frontline medical professionals and essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic with formation flights over Dallas, Houston and New Orleans.

Some of the nurses and doctors from Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center gathered outside atop the old helicopter landing pad to view the flyover.

Jenni House, a nurse who works in the emergency department, said it was an honor and nice a morale boost, while Ali Hamdan, also a nurse, said the ceremonial gesture is a sign that "we're not alone in this battle."

Greg Haralson, the hospital's CEO, said "it's nice to see aviators at the top of their game honoring medical professional at the top of their game."

The flyover lasted 30 minutes over Houston and its surrounding communities. The squadron aimed to pass over places with hospitals.

Residents throughout the area also craned their necks for a look at the Blue Angels.

Dozens parked their cars in a field near Ellington Airforce Base for a look at the squadron.
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