Night Session with Adida Fallen Angel

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Big Newspaper, Wallpaper glue, wall, paper, night time and lots of street Art…These are my friends, we know each other well, we rise and fall like the seasons, we are not here to stay, we are here to fade away.

I met Daniel when I was stuck in Israel in 2011, it was at the Vision Tattoo shop in Tel-Aviv, I was curious about his actions since he was filming the tattoo artists in a very interesting way, I notice his passion right away and after a short talk I knew he was one of the good guys. We decided to hit the streets together, me with my post-up Artworks and him with his impressive video gear and vision, we had great time running around the streets at night and got fantastic action both from his perspective and mine. A few months passed away and everything including the artworks has faded, lucky for me Daniel took some time off and did an amazing visual compilation of that night.


Fallen Angel Filmed and Edited by Daniel Wechsler. May 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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