Olivier Messiaen - Saint François d'Assise, Act I (1983) (English Subtitles)

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Composer: Olivier Messiaen (December 10, 1908 – April 27, 1992)
Orchestra: Hallé Orchestra conducted by Kent Nagano
Saint Francis: José van Dam
The Angel: Dawn Upshaw
The Leper: Christ Merritt
Brother Leo: Urban Malmberg
Brother Messeo: John Aler
Brother Elias: Guy Renard
Brother Bernard: Tom Krause
Brother Sylvester: Akos Banlaky
Brother Rufus: Dirk D'Ase
Choir: Arnold Schoenberg Chor directed by Erwin Ortner

Scene I: The Cross
Saint Francis and Brother Leo are walking together.
0:00:01 Saint Francis describes great powers and knowledge, but this is not the perfect joy.
0:11:26 Saint Francis tells of suffering through a storm and mistreatment by a monk.
0:12:50 Saint Francis explains perfect joy as suffering as Christ did.
0:17:16 They leave.
0:18:58 The light concentrates on the Cross, and the choir sings the sacred text.

Scene II: Lauds
0:20:08 Introduction, morning bells
0:21:37 Saint Francis praises the Lord for nature and the elements. (22:45 plainchant)
0:28:44 The Choir sings the Lauds. They and the brothers leave.
0:31:33 Saint Francis prays: despite the beauty God has created, He has also created ugliness.
0:34:02 Saint Francis prays that he may meet a leper and learn to love him.

Scene III: The Kissing of the Leper
0:37:26 Introduction
0:38:44 The leper complains about his disease.
0:40:16 Saint Francis enters. He recoils twice before sitting next to the leper.
0:44:13 Saint Francis asks the leper to do penance. The leper angrily asks to be cured first.
0:48:22 The angel appears. His singing soothes the leper.
0:54:27 The leper asks for forgiveness for his anger.
0:57:45 Saint Francis hugs the leper. (58:38) The leper is cured and he dances with joy.
1:01:36 The leper finishes dancing. He laments that he was not worthy to be cured. Saint Francis says he was not worthy either. They pray.
1:05:27 Choir: "all is forgiven!"

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