Pisces May 2019- Amazing Message a Number 7

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Hello there, I am Clairvoyant Ali.
I hope you enjoyed your reading. Personal readings are more about you. Please read on to find out about booking and other opportunities that you can enjoy. As you enjoy your reading please hit the like button and subscribe.

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About Ali,
Clairvoyant Ali Gives True and accurate Clairvoyant Readings that don't just tell you what's coming up, but the different paths you can take in order to build your life and future into the comfort that you have always dreamed of having.
Step by step Ali will get you there. Rather it is Love, Finances, Life Path, Spiritual Coaching, Manifesting, or communicating with your Angels and Spiritual Guides. Becoming whole within yourself and healing, Self- love is a must, confidence is ensured, and you get the answers that you deserve.
Do you want to be happy? Just call Ali. Why? Because Ali knows when you get a reading, you want a professional Psychic. If you would like a personal reading please contact me through
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You can get a reading from Ali at the low cost of $50.00 for a 20 minute Reading Session.
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I accept Pay Pal, Messenger Pay, and Square Credit Car, and Debit. Payment is Excepted at time of scheduling so you don't have the hassle of your reading minutes being taken up at the time of your scheduled reading. .
I offer One on One Readings, I offer readings by phone, face book Messenger, and Skype. I also do recorded readings for those of you who want a personal reading that you can keep so you can watch it as many times as you like. Note- The recorded readings are the same price as a personal reading. A recorded reading does not have the one on one experience and is a private recording that you alone receive the link to so you can watch it on YouTube.. I hope you have found this information useful and look forward to doing your reading.
Love and light with many Blessings
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