Prayer To Protect Your Family | Prayers To Protect My Family From Evil

Спасибо! Поделитесь с друзьями!

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Prayer To Protect Your Family | Prayers To Protect My Family From Evil

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Right now our families need to be covered in prayer. These are hard times, there are families that are out of work, our children/grandchildren's future looks unsure. Join us in praying for our families.

Prayer for family

Heavenly Father only in You can my family be safe, happy and blessed.

I pray that You protect them from misfortune, sickness or harm.

I pray Your guardian angels are around them all during their day.

May their presence ward off any evil that may try to penetrate their hearts.

May they enjoy the privilege of this life You have blessed them with.,

Bless their home and anyone who comes to it.

Let them always feel the peace of Jesus.

I pray that any difficult situations they encounter that You help them to forgive and love each other.

Let us reflect love on one another. Giving forgiveness and understanding.

I ask that any tough times they find themselves in,

That they always seek you for guidance.

I ask that they become stronger in You.

Give them courage to face all of the challenges that come their way.

Let them always rise above the darkness of the world and only see the light that You provide.

May they not get too discouraged when things deem to be at a standstill or at a failure.

May they always rely on You for direction and peace.

I ask that You always provide what they need.

That they will always feel content with what they have.

Bring hope to their souls.

Peace to their hearts

May the mighty power of your grace and mercy grant them a long, healthy life
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