PvZ Virtual Plant RPG Beta Gameplay Peashooter and Appease-mint

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A new content from FunList's animation called,
Plants vs Zombies
VWVRPG stand for (virtual watch video role playing game)

Yeah! Virtual video as in literally 'video' to

Simple mechanics of the

All you have to do is satisfy your plant's satisfaction rate.
The satisfaction rate must meet 100%.
So that you can take your plant to an amazing adventure, amazing fantasy world.
And earn XPs fight with zombies, other mobs and survival how long your plant can stand the unbearable nature's life to death. The more your plant survives from nature's weather conditions, the more Experience (xps) earns and grow with evolution ages. Until it met the beyond ages.

The aspect format of VWVRPG
is a size of TIKTOK
Best for mobile smartphone toto watch

The VIRTUAL game plant time runs only 1- 3 minutes depends how you satisfy your plant.
And the timer will STOP. whether you satisfy your plant or not. if you take it to battle adventure which is only available after satisfaction rate Mets.

Your main quest is to stop and defeat the dark boss plant invasion.
Rise of angels прохождение

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