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When I rise...what's the first thing on my mind? What will I face today? How do I prepare? Am I ready?

Today...I rise to face the day. I rise to meet the challenge.

Vidano Films partnered with Angel Armor to capture the essence behind the new RISE tactical vest. The goal was to go beyond the information. It's more than "technology - safety, comfort, mobility, versatility." Our aim was to capture the "why"...the resolve behind the heroes that dawn the vest everyday.

RISE - A higher level of body armor protection. Angel Armor's revolutionary concealed, ballistic suspension system. The skill, strength, honor, and iron will of those we serve inspire us to defend life from threat so that individuals may live to their fullest potentials.

Angel Armor | http://armor.angelintelligence.com

Angel Armor Creative Director: Dave Goldfain
Angel Armor Producer: Emily McCormick
Production: Vidano Films | www.Vidano.com
Writer/Director: Stephen Vidano
Prod. Coordinator: Elizabeth Webb Johnson
Dir. of Photography: Kevin Pinski
Editor: Clifton Johnson, Jr.
Animation: Jim Huenergardt
Composer: Score Studio | "Heaven On Earth"
Music Licensing: Tune Society | www.TuneSociety.com
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