Rise - Katy Perry | Male Version | 8D Audio + Nightcore | Virtual + Surround Sound | Use Headphones?

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Put Your Headphones On ???? and feel the Song Comin Alive \ (•◡•) /
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This is Real 3D Which Uses 3 Dimensional Space
It means, In This this Song Not Only You Can Feel Sound Traveling
Left And Right But Also Behind The Head and Even Above And Below, Close Your eyes and Then Listen If You Want To Experience Real 3D


➥ 3D MUSIC ↯


\ (•◡•) /

✍(◔◡◔) Song Information ♫ :
Katy Perry - Rise (Piano Cover)
Cover by Boyce Avenue
You'll find the originals here:
➳ Original:
➳ Cover:
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(͠◉_◉᷅ ) What is 3D Audio? (?_?)

Ans = The Word "3D" Means 3 Dimensions And We Live in
3 Dimension World!, 3 Dimensions are Length, Width and Height!
3D Movies are Called 3D Because It Has Length, Height and Width
3D Movie Doesn't Mean That It Will Feel Extremely Real!
Same For Audio When Sound is Traveling Left Ear To Right ear or Vice Versa That Mean The Sound is 1 Dimension (Length) and When The Sound Travel Front and Behind The Head as well as Left and Right That Means The Sound is 2 Dimensions (Length and Width) and If The Sound is Also Traveling Above and Below It Means The Sound Have 3 Dimensions (Length, Width and Height)
This has No Business With Making a Sound Extremely Real! But It Gives Illusion Like It's Real and it's Also Feels Gud!

In Our Channel The Sound is 3D ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ And Travels Left, Right, Behind, Above and Below The Listener!

ツ About 3D Music India ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ :
3D Music India is The First Channel of India \ (•◡•) / Who Gives 3 Dimensions To Songs of Punjabi and Hindi Songs To Make Them Feel More Alive, If You like Our Work and want to Listen More Then Do Subscribe! and Show Us Your Love Through like and Comment ❣

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