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New album "THE LEGACY OF SHI" out now.
✩ http://lnk.to/thelegacyofshi

ROTN / "THE LEGACY OF SHI" - 2019(c).
Directed by Ben Berzerker
Colorist: Thomas Canu @ nod.paris
ROTN Art Direction by Vithia

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Microphone check one-two
Three to the five without the four
One of the homies decided to stay offshore
Hardcore dancefloor version, I don't forget my mission, strong competition
Passion is passion time is for reaction
Deal with that and be ready for the aftermath
I repeat : Every time we will fall, we'll get back on our feet

This is...
The legacy of Shi

It will not be like before, birth of the Lord, Rise Of The North
Four horsemen on my laser player
Shonen rage built me harder
Support system, out of the picture
Japan filled the gap, didn’t surrender
You're on the sidelines when we fight on the frontlines
Blood, sweat, no tears, taken risks to make a dime


Tall buildings in sight
But something doesn't seem right
The stars disappear
The storm comes near
Dark soul revealed the Masterlord reigns
His sword brings the pain
Dark pen revealed the Masterlord reigns
His word breaks the game

Rise of angels обзор

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