Rising Rituals, Hydration, Grounding, Connecting to Spirit, Father Sun Activation.

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How you do anything is how you do everything

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Rising Rituals, Hydration, Grounding, Connecting to Spirit, Father Sun Activation

Chervin takes us through his Rising Rituals
Mineral water with the salts of life - before going vertical - naturally elevating heart rate by increasing blood pressure, by doing that you take the pressure off of your adrenals - batteries on top of your kidneys. - Hydrating every cell in your body - pulling acidosis out of your body - lowering cortisol on the rise - elevating blood pressure saving the adrenals for later on throughout the day -A way of life - innerstand your body to feel, to innerstand the cosmic alchemy from within - so the expression moving out is perfectly harmonized with what we were designed intrinsically with our mother to posses - and to create and ultimately to discover - After hydration with 30 ounces of spring water with specific salts and a few other key ingredients - Grounding - connecting to the spirit of our mother - the spirit of all all that is, all that ever was - taking us back to our ancestral primordial roots - incarnated in their spirit

Father sun salutations - connection to our Father Sun - rays activate all biological process that needs to be activated on the rise. It's the sun that allows us to go to sleep at night - activates multiple neurotransmitters in the brain.

Weekly initiation lives with Novak Djokovic

Featuring: Chervin Jafarieh, Founder of @Cymbiotika
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