Robin Williams: Voice Of An Era [Documentary]

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Join us for a look back at one of the most prolific actors of our time, the late, great Robin Williams. Subscribe to our channel:

Robin Williams will go down as one of the most iconic comedians and actors of our generation with his unique humor, high-energy -- and most distinct of all -- his voice. Instantly recognizable, but could be changed a thousand different ways, Williams used his voice like an instrument. Going high, going low, delivering spot-on impressions, and uses his vocals for some of the most iconic animated characters of all-time. Relive some of his greatest voice performances -- why he almost abandoned the Genie for good -- the demons he struggled with -- and the legacy he leaves behind as his voice and performances live on forever.

Robin Williams’ comedy career started in one of the least-likely places -- at the serious and prestigious school of drama -- Juilliard. Joining the school in 1973, Williams was only one of two students selected for a special drama program -- the other was Christopher Reeve. Despite impressing teachers with his acting abilities and talent -- it was pretty clear Robin Williams had set a course for himself and was rising way above anything the school could have taught him. In the years before Williams attended Juilliard, he was already a ball of energy, using drama classes to hone in on his improvisational skills, creating all types of character voices, and entertaining anyone he was around. There was no denying Williams’ natural talent as he shined through in various forms of entertainment. Watch to see how Robin Williams transformed his voice for some of the most iconic roles in film history including Disney’s Aladdin.

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