ROSALÍA Sings Shakira, Ozuna, and "Malamente" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

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It was early March when #Rosalía recorded this episode of #SongAssociation for her first ELLE cover (). Of the experience, writer Carina Chocano shares:

"Once we arrive at the sound stage, she disappears into a back room to do her impressively operatic vocal warm-ups. After a while, she emerges in an oversize graphic tee and enormous thigh-high platform boots and perches on a stool to play an improvisational game of Song Association for a video she’s shooting for this magazine. She takes it as seriously as she takes everything, which is to say very. She questions if one of the words is correct. She does several takes of her own song, even though it sounds perfect every time. She checks the monitor and thinks the light on her face is too harsh. She makes a suggestion, the lights are adjusted, and she does look better. If this makes her sound like a diva, it isn’t meant to; she’s sincerely nice to everyone around her—her team, drivers, waiters, interrupting fans. It’s just that she has a vision, and her vision is total."

Luckily, for us, that vision came together in one of our most-anticipated episodes of Song Association, to date. Tune in, as ELLE's latest cover star—the Spanish superstar who's taking flamenco mainstream—sings João Gilberto, Lole Y Manuel, and her own "Malamente," in a race against the clock.

Read our full cover story with Rosalía on ELLE:

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