Sean Naso- Angels (family’s memories)

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By: Sean Naso
Angels lyrics

I’m a victim of my pride
I wonder why sometimes angels fall and die
Angels fall and die

They say in your rise take your time
All I wanna do is get laid and play some sublime
Never mind I’m
Back up on my grind I’m
No longer addicted I’m not wit commiting crimes
There’s evidence we spread from
Intelligent design
No coincidence we met we destined to intertwine
Ride die second guess cuz I’m a pessimist inside
Won’t survive unless we set our differences aside
Yea anything you will it can go right


You can only drop
Once you touch the top
Unless lovin is what you got
We’re all fed up
We’re stronger together
Get all the bread then head shows at Coachella
Know that I’m a sinner
But me being here is a damn miracle like plants growing in the winter
Got no agenda
Except rock n roll
Hip hop yea throw it in a blender
Abso-lutely no pretender
This is America we never ‘gon surrender


I’m a rip it dance give it a try
Human spirit limit is the sky
I’ve seen an angel and it can cry
If you missed the signs yes this is the time
Whoa everybody get low
Now stand and throw your hands
Everybody just dance
Everybody just dance
Rise of angels обзор

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